Voltfos Sdn Bhd

VOLTFOS SDN BHD serves customers in the oil and gas, industrial, and commercial sector. We are focusing on supply, service, project and maintenance for our client's facilities. We supply all type of related industrial equipment and parts to meet the demand and challenge from our customer.




Voltfos Sdn Bhd is committed to provide a safe workplace for all of its works as to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) 1994 and any other applicable legislation, and will strive to eliminate and prevent any foreseeable hazards and risks which may result in accidents, or personal injury/illness, and damage to property and environment.

It is our policy to ensure and continuously improve, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety of all employees, contractors, clients and any other persons who may be directly affected by the activities of the company.

In fulling this commitment, Voltfos will :
  • Comply with applicable HSE legal and other requirements and standards in all activities or services carried out.
  • Ensure that significant risks arising from work activities under our control are eliminated or adequately controlled.
  • Develop and implement appropriate occupational health and safety procedures and safe working practices to achieve compliance with legal requirements through good occupational health and safety performance.
  • Provide adequate resource, training and competent personnel in implementing the HSE management system.
  • Regularly review our HSE policy, objectives, management system, and performance for continual improvement.
  • Practical good personal behavior and obey all rules and instructions implemented in all activities.
  • Continuosly work towards Voltfos's Safety & Health Objectives and Targets to achieve zero incident and zero damage to property and environment.

    We maintain a strong belief that success is about maintaining a strong commitment to quality in every aspect of our service. Therefore, when we accept assignments from our customers, their problems become our top responsibility. This commitment to quality helps us provide all the supply solutions that customers need.

    We guarantee immediate personal attention to all our customers' enquirer and requests. We work closely with them as partners. In this way we understand their needs better. Thus, we are in better position to fulfill their requirements in an effective and efficient manner.

    VOLTFOS SDN. BHD. systematic approach to quality product sourcing has reinforced its service strength in the supply of Oil & Gas industrial equipment and parts of renowned brands.

    VOLTFOS SDN. BHD. will strive to provide the highest quality of trading and engineering services complying to the requirement of ISO 9001:2008 and any other statutory requirements.

    To achieve company objectives and customer's satisfaction, Voltfos will:
  • Inculcate understanding among employees that is quality everybody's responsibility and require their total involvement and commitment.
  • Enhance employees's performance by providing proper tools, equipments, trainings and competencies.
  • Deliver services on time and within budget according to our customer needs.
  • Professional management on every task or project.
  • Practice the principle "Get it right first time" to maintain the quality standard.
  • Obtain customers feedbacks and continuously improve processes to suit to the organization's needs and improve effectivenes of QMS.